Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I was really tired from going to the club last night. We went to lunch at this Cape Malay restaurant that overlooked Cape Town. It was really pretty good but just A LOT of food since it was a buffet… naturally we all had to taste everything! We also got the really good dessert again and the chef is going to send us the recipe. Its called malfa pudding. I know I’ve said it already but Ill definitely be making it so you can plan on tasting! It was a fun lunch and there was such a great view.

After lunch we went to Table Mountain. Table Mountain is the mountain that lies next to Cape Town. It kind of looks over it and (like the name implies) it looks like a table since the top is flat. On days when the winds from the east and west are going at the same speed, a cloud forms atop the mountain. Its known as the table cloth… its cool beacuase the rest of the sky will be blue all around so it really does look like a table cloth!! So we rode a thing up the mountain (I cant remember what it is called but it was large enough for 20 or so people and the floor rotated. The thing hangs on a cable too.). When we got to the top we were completely in a cloud and after only minutes everyone’s hair was soaked! Unfortunately we didn’t see the view since we could only see about 15 feet infront of us but I’ve been told its really pretty!

We didn’t do too much today. Dinner was take out thai- which was actually good. I got this coconut thing and it tasted almost exactly like my dad’s coconut lime soup. Miss you faja ☺

Tomorrow we’re going to an orphan care center. I cant wait!

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