Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18th

I left Dulles airport yesterday, Sunday around 8am... 1pm Monday- 3 flights later- finally in Cape Town!!! It was the longest flight I had ever been on (and I slept most of the time)! All in all it really wasnt that bad. Even the food on the plane was kind of okay haha

So, Cape Town...

Its winter so unfortunately the first day was cloudy, a little rainy, and kind of chilly (I was not expecting this at all). But we think it will get nicer!

Everyone here has cute accents and are VERY polite. They call everyone ma'am and sir and are just so adorable. There is a very strange thing though. As we were driving into Cape Town from the airport, the driver was pointing things out on the way. On one side of the highway was here he said the "blacks" live and the other side was where the "colored people" live (as in Indians I think). I asked if different races lived together and he said they hadn't lived together since at least the 1990s. I had no idea that this kind of thing still existed.

Another even bigger shocker... they drive on the left side of the road! Yeah, we were not expecting this at all. I dont think I could drive on the left if I tried- its so confusing crossing the streets!! This first picture was an attempt at capturing that. Not such a great one, but I promise my photo skills will get better!

We are staying in two cute little bed and breakfasts on Rose street and I think they are called La Rose and Orange on Rose. Three other students, a graduate assistant, and I are all staying in the orange one. The rest are staying in the yellow one right next door. It little and very nice! The bathrooms have the coolest decorations (only girls can really appreciate this). We will be staying here for 12 nights before we leave for our next destination. My roommate's name is Emma, but she isn't getting her until tomorrow so I have the room all to myself tonight!

So after we got settled, we took a little walk through out Cape Town. We got a mini tour of a small area of the town. One of the other girls and her mom raised $400 so we went to pick up a bunch of basket balls, volleyballs, and soccer balls to donate to kids in the area. Then we went to dinner at a pizza place right across the street. South African pizza is SO good. Much better than greasy pizza you get in the states.

Its really cool. There is a huge Muslim population and they pray five times a day. So five times throughout the day there is a call to prayer and praying is on loud speakers from the mosques!

Thats about it for today. Nothing too exciting! There will be a lot more tomorrow! We're going to Stellenbosch Sape Winelands tomorrow for a tour and winetasting- what a great way to start the trip :)

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